Wednesday, August 5, 2015

More Windows 10

After a successful test of rendering across the network to my third, oldest, slowest machine now that it was on Windows 10 (while the other two were still Windows 8.1), I upgraded the second machine (a dual Xeon processor machine) to Windows 10 too.

It too passed the key test, that I can fire off a render across the network to it (that's what it's for), and I was able to move on to firing up Premiere and After Effects, again so I can keep working on 3D or music while the Xeon is off rendering a movie - success there too, other than the absence of Quicktime which I am fixing up just now.

The only thing to deal with now is the head-dizzying control of 3 machines from one central location! The screen shot above shows 3DS Max 2016 on my main machine, the window on the right is my Xeon.

Liking the new Movies and TV app on Win 10, much better than clunky old Media Player. Not really put too much else to the test. Intriguingly I could use ChomeCast to send the Xeon desktop to the TV behind me, if I wanted to keep an eye on it without having to take up any real estate on my main machine!

I do love technology!

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Deep Dream and back-ups

Haven't put Windows 10 through the tests I need (basically, do Max 2016, Backburner and Corona work well with network rendering, when the master machine is on Win 8.1 Pro) but will look into that today.

Meantime, for when I do upgrade the main machine, I am running a back-up as I do every so often, which takes something crazy like 28 hours as the machine is so choc-a-block (this means sleeping to the loud whirr of its many cooling fans!)

For fun, also ran one of my "for fun" renders through Deep Dream, and got a result that is actually pleasant to look at! No crazy dogs or birds!