Friday, June 5, 2015

Corona in Max 2016

UPDATE: As a note, the latest versions of Corona now all offer the option to install to 2016 direct, so no need for the workaround below!

Hello Corona owners!

3DS Max 2016 came out, but the Corona installer only has options for up to version 2015. What to do?

Rejoice, Corona is usable in 2016! Here's how (if you are on Windows, anyway)

- Run the installer and choose Unpack Only, you can turn off all other options (unless you are installing to an earlier version of Max at the same time.) I uncheck "clean up previous versions" just in case it decides to clean up my 2015 install, which I still need.

- Wherever you unpacked it, you will find the Corona files in the "Corona Unpacked" folder - head into that folder, and open up the "3ds max 2015" folder.

- Take all the dlls in that folder and move them to your root Max install directory (..Program Files/Autodesk/3ds Max 2016)

- Inside your root Max install, you'll find "plugins" and "scripts" folders, and the same folders are in the "Corona Unpacked" folder - just copy the contents of those folders from inside the "Corona Unpacked" folder to the same folders in the root Max folder.

- And that's it.

Couldn't find this written up specifically anywhere, so thought I'd share! Happy Coroning!